@eatrageous Love them all squash, apples, pears, cauliflower and delicious pumpkin pies!


@eatrageous Your brand looks interesting, where can I get a bag of these chips? #nomnom


Thanks for the love @eatrageous – we heart you back and loving the new healthy spin on chips!


We eat the @eatrageous chips….he eats the box. http://t.co/da6j5F8ctP


@eatrageous Looking forward to some Gluten free treats. Glad to see you’re local. I’ve been gluten free due to Celiac Disease for 6+ yrs!


put a new spin on the school year. show us your best summer photo for a chance to win a back to school care package. http://t.co/vW1TAHShs3


One of my favorite low calorie snacks!! Wasabi ranch!!! Love it! @eatrageous http://t.co/Bgcq61PsfJ


Proud to see our package design for Eatrageous, “the new spin on chips” in Graphic Design USA! http://t.co/TWnxnhxFBx


@eatrageous how about The Hunger Chaser or The Crave Chaser, because it conquers those snack cravings. #eatrageous


@eatrageous Sounds good to ME. I think I will have some shipped down to Florida. It is just what I was looking for even today.


@eatrageous Looks Delish! Always on the lookout for new GF,Lo Cal,healthy products,Where do we hunt down in So Cal? #glutenfree


@eatrageous just please give me free food okay


@eatrageous We love the mac and cheese chips!!!


Oh yes! @eatrageous Wasabi Ranch for the WIN!! #eatrageous


@eatrageous sweet & smokey BBQ! Yummy! #eatrageous