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What’s with the tube shape?

Hey, glad you noticed. We worked really hard on this! We searched far and wide for the shape that would give you the best crunch. Turns out, it’s the tube. It gives you the most crunch for your money. How? The two sides of the tube create a double crunch.

Are these really chips?

With a crunch like ours? Of course. They’re the chippiest, crunchiest of chips. Who cares what Webster says.

Are Eatrageous Chips fried or baked?

No! Never! Ever! Not even once in the history of chips has an Eatrageous Chip ever been fried or baked!

Are Eatrageous Chips gluten-free?


Are Eatrageous Chips Non-GMO?

You betcha.

Are Eatrageous Chips vegan?

Eatrageous Original Sea Salt and Wasabi Ranch are vegan.

Are Eatrageous Chips kosher?

Of course.

What’s in an Eatrageous Chip?

We craft every Eatrageous Chip from earth based all natural ingredients: potato, yellow pea, rice, sunflower oil, salt, and all natural seasonings.

How are Eatrageous Chips made?

We use our proprietary Clean Cooking Technology. As awesome and complicated as that might sound, it’s actually pretty simple. We specifically formulate our all natural ingredients to provide a great taste and crunch without frying. With our thermal flash process we cook our chips to perfection without the grease, eliminating virtually all the fat and reducing calories. Bingo! Cleaner, healthier, super crunchy chips.

How much fat is in a single serving of Eatrageous Chips?

Frankly very little. Way less than the other guys and Eatrageous Chips have way more crunch. Per serving, our Original Sea Salt and Sweet & Smokey BBQ flavors have only 1.5 grams of fat and our Wasabi Ranch and Crunchy Mac n’ Cheese have only 2 grams of fat. Seriously. That’s it.

What do you mean by “80% less fat than typical fried chips?”

We mean what we say and say what we mean. As compared to your typical (insert your favorite greasy chip name here) fried chip, an Eatrageous Chip (which isn’t fried or baked) has 80% less fat.

How many calories are in a single serving of Eatrageous Chips?

Way less than those other greasy or gooey chips. All of our flavors are only 100 calories per full 1oz serving. Our friendly competitors have to cut serving size down to get close to 100 calories. Not Eatrageous.

Is there cholesterol in Eatrageous Chips?

Ew, no. Our chips our cholesterol free. We love your heart!

Do Eatrageous Chips contain any saturated or trans fat?

Again, ew! None of our products have any trans fat whatsoever. Our Crunchy Mac n’ Cheese has just a half a gram of sat fat because there’s actually REAL cheese in it!

Does Eatrageous use any artificial colors or flavors?

No way. All of our ingredients and seasonings are all natural. Nothing artificial, fake, phony, or computer generated. This is real food, people!

What do you mean by “more chips in every bag?”

We literally have more chips in our bags than most of the other chip brands. With Eatrageous, you get 42 chips per serving.

What do you mean by “chef-inspired flavors?”

All of our flavors are inspired by Chef Michael. Who’s Chef Michael? He’s the head chef at a very famous five star hotel in Manhattan. He thought long and hard about how to create great flavor and dagnabbit, he pulled it off.

Is this pasta?

Wait a second—it does sort of look like—weird! But nope! Just the most fun chip you ever tried. Although now that you mention it, check out our Crunchy Mac N’ Cheese!

How are Eatrageous Chips different from traditional chips?

Traditional chips are fried, baked, and flat. Eatrageous chips are never fried, baked, or flat. Literally. They live their chip lives in 3D. Let a traditional chip try to tell you that.

Why are Eatrageous Chips cleaner?

Because they aren’t fried or baked! That means they aren’t drenched in grease and fat. And, they wont get stuck in your teeth like some of those other “healthier” newfangled chips. Just taste it. You’ll see what we mean.

Can I scoop salsa with these chips?

Hey, we built a scooper on the end just for that! Eatrageous Chips go great with whatever you choose—to scoop them in. That means salsa, guacamole, nacho cheese, sour cream, hummus, or whatever else your taste buds desire. They also hold up really well in soup if you’re into that sort of thing.

How can Eatrageous make a virtually fat-free chip without sacrificing taste or crunch?

Well, our Clean Cooking Technology allows us to eliminate the bad (fat, grease, calories) while retaining the good (taste, crunch, flavor, awesomeness). It’s not magic, but it is our little secret.

How do I get my local store to carry Eatrageous Chips?

Now you’re talking! Perfect. Just click here and we’ll be sure to let the store buyer know you want them to carry Eatrageous.

Does Eatrageous sponsor events? Us? Sponsor your event?

We’re flattered. Just send us the details at info@eatrageous.com and we’ll see what we can do.

How do bloggers and press affiliates request Eatrageous product?

So you saw us on that thing or heard about us at that place? What’s that? You’re interested in covering our company? Sweet! Just click here to let us know how we can reach you.

Can I buy Eatrageous Chips online?

For sure. Click here to buy.

What’s the deal with Giving Back?

The deal is that we’re a business that believes we have an obligation to do good socially and financially. However, we need your help. If we cant grow and thrive, then how can we help? For every 10,000 Facebook likes and Twitter followers, we’ll give one percent of our profits to a charity committed to fighting hunger. Our goal is to give a full five percent. Learn exactly how you can help us chip in here.