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healthier snacking

Want the healthiest snack? Eat a carrot.

We’re first to admit we would all be better off eating more carrots, apples, and bananas. Across the snack spectrum, with fried chips at the unhealthy end and fruit and veg at the healthiest end, we believe Eatrageous Chips lie somewhere in the middle.

We can’t convert the entire population of fried chip snackers to carrot stick snackers overnight, but we believe Eatrageous Chips represent an important incremental shift towards cleaner, healthier snacking without the self-sacrifice many other healthier products demand.

We believe we have a responsibility to use all natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients in all of our products. We take these simple, real ingredients and use our Clean Cooking Technology ™ to eliminate fat and reduce calories.

You get all the taste and crunch you crave in a savory snack chip without the guilt and grease of traditional flat chips. That’s how we give you an enjoyable, all natural snack experience. The result is a chip that moves us all one big step closer to healthier snacking.

We use our unique Clean Cooking Technology to eliminate fat and reduce calories while maintaining taste and crunch. As awesome and complicated as that might sound, it’s actually pretty simple.

We formulate our all natural ingredients to provide a great taste and crunch without frying. Our Clean Cooking Technology then uses a thermal flash process to cook our chips to perfection without grease, eliminating virtually all fat and reducing calories. Bingo! Cleaner, healthier, super crunchy chips.