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our story

Well seasoned entrepreneurs Andrew Gitlin and Gayle Sanders believe first and foremost in bringing innovation to everything they do. Andrew and Gayle founded Eatrageous because they hoped to redefine the way we think about snacks.

They wondered why chips had to be fried, baked, and flat—why we automatically associated guilt and grease with chips—why we could never get a full ounce of chips for 100 calories.

From there, they got busy creating a chip that would answer these questions and rattle the taste buds of snackers across the globe. The result is a snack chip that’s different in every way. No guilt, no grease. Just pure taste and crunch in 100 calories per full one ounce serving.


about andrew

As an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Andrew has proven his ability to spot unique market gaps, build a top notch team, and capitalize on opportunities.

In the 1980s, he created and founded one of the first diversified alternative asset management firms for Chase Manhattan Bank. He followed that up by becoming a CEO at AIG in the 90s. From there, he created the first truly innovative physical commodity hedge fund.

Andrew has proven time and time again to have the unique capacity to bring a wide range of strategic visions to fruition. Click here to read more about Andrew in Condé Nast’s"Fingerprint" series.

about gayle

After developing the world’s first stable Electrostatic sound reproduction transducer, Gayle created the prestigious audio company, Martin Logan. From 1982 to 2005 his design, marketing and management talents catapulted ML into one of the most respected, fastest growing and profitable high-end audio companies in the world.

Totally intrigued by Andy’s vision of the opportunity to change the vista of the snack world, Gayle immediately teamed up to help develop and mentor the Eatrageous team.